Releasing Justice through the Father’s Eyes

August 2018

2018-08-15 21.52.09-314 August 2018

Over a decade since the last documented prayer journey, but we were led to do a prophetic act under the Arch again and I knew this one needed to be included. The primary flag is a bendie sword and shield called Justice Assured (made up of Justice of God and Blood of the Lamb). The heart behind this silk is Papa God’s assurance that His heart is for justice – that is making wrong things right.

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Last Day of May (Offspring)

May 2008

0731 May 2008

As we came to the last day of May, we sensed the Lord saying something about this day, and the number 31. As we researched the number 31, we discovered one biblical meaning is “offspring”.

After further direction, we headed downtown to pray over St. Louis as surrogate mothers to the city. We blessed the children of the city and prayed God’s word over them.

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October 2007

0713-17 October 2007

This was a follow-up to the summer trip to Haiti.

A team of three headed down and ministered largely in Kenscoff – although they also were in Port-au-Prince and Petionville. They brought Creole bibles, school supplies, toiletries and scarves. The people’s needs were met – physically and spiritually.

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Meramec River at Castlewood

September 2007

071 September 2007

We sensed the Lord calling us to pray over the Meramec at Castlewood State Park. We’ve had a heart for the river for some time now and when one team member had a dream about death and the river and then another child died in the river at Castlewood (KSDK, STL Today) – we knew it was time.

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The Call – 07.07.07

July 2007

077 July 2007

A group of us joined the fasting and prayer for the Nashville Call event on 07-07-07.  It was a long, hot day – but an honor to join together with so many to seek the Lord.

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July 2007

0730 June 2007 – 6 July 2007

One prayer warrior – Haitian by heritage – knew the Lord was calling her family to minister in her homeland which is ravaged by voodoo and other demonic activity. Having seen the enemy’s impact in her own family growing up – they went prepared for battle. So her family of prayer warriors headed to Haiti to preach the gospel, pray over the land, and minister to the people.

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Freedom Day

May 2007

0726 May 2007

On 26 May 1780 between 1,300 and 2,000 British-led warriors suddenly fell upon the unsuspecting St Louis community of 900 people. Had the battle been lost it might have blocked the Louisiana Purchase… but one watchtower saved the town.

What prophetic implications! Warriors to your posts – stand guard at your watchtowers!

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Happy Birthday St Louis

February 2007

0715 February 2007

For St Louis’ 243rd birthday, the Lord sent us out to pray for the city. We knew we were starting at the high point of the city and the (approx) location where they originally crossed over the Mississippi River that resulted in the building of the city. In addition, with Mardi Gras only a few days away, we knew we were to pray over Soulard – in particular the location where the formalized St Louis Mardi Gras was conceived. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Capitols and New Madrid

January 2007

0730 December 2006 – 1 January 2007

God started talking to us about more capitols. As we prayed, we got two numbers 7 and 3. It meant 3 more capitols for a total of 7 in December 2006. The journey began to take shape. (The trip tied in with the Ohio Trip with it’s four capitol visits.) Read the rest of this entry »

St Louis Receiving Ohio

December 2006

0723 December 2006

We returned from the Ohio Trip with one of the two flags from Wings of Worship – called Faithful and True. The other flag had been sent home with a fellow St Louisian, who the Lord also sent from St Louis to the downtown Cincinnati outreach. Read the rest of this entry »

Ohio Trip

December 2006

0715-17 December 2006

God started talking to us about Ohio in spring of 2006. Nothing specific – just kept bringing it up. In addition, He had talked to us about December 16th. Read the rest of this entry »