3 Capitols and New Madrid

January 2007

0730 December 2006 – 1 January 2007

God started talking to us about more capitols. As we prayed, we got two numbers 7 and 3. It meant 3 more capitols for a total of 7 in December 2006. The journey began to take shape. (The trip tied in with the Ohio Trip with it’s four capitol visits.)


Road to New Madrid


New Madrid




Nashville to Little Rock


Little Rock


Little Rock to Jefferson City


Jefferson City


Road to St Louis and loop

God also had been talking about praying over the New Madrid fault. We felt a strong call to go and cry for mercy over our land.

In addition, since the Lord had been highlighting particular rivers to us, we decided to take the route that took us through Cairo – the Ohio and Mississippi confluence.

The route shaped up like this:


(the letters below correspond to the flags in the map above)

A: St Louis, MO – starting point
B: New Madrid, MO – prayer at fault
C: Cairo, Il – prayer at confluence of Ohio & Mississippi Rivers
D: Nashville, TN – circle the city and prayer at Capitol
E: Horn Lake, MS – prayer for state
F: Forrest City, AR – overnight stay
G: Little Rock, AR – prayer at Capitol and Holy Spirit side trip 🙂
H: Branson, MO – quick stop
I: Jefferson City, MO – prayer at Capitol
Back to A: St Louis, MO – circling the city and end point

Just shy of 1,400 miles later, we arrived back home in St Louis. Thank You Jesus!

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