Releasing Justice through the Father’s Eyes

August 2018

2018-08-15 21.52.09-314 August 2018

Over a decade since the last documented prayer journey, but we were led to do a prophetic act under the Arch again and I knew this one needed to be included. The primary flag is a bendie sword and shield called Justice Assured (made up of Justice of God and Blood of the Lamb). The heart behind this silk is Papa God’s assurance that His heart is for justice – that is making wrong things right.

The next flag is the wing from Art Movement Worship called Through the Father’s Eyes. Part of its purposeful declaration was simply that God sees. He is not blind to injustice and He will act.

The final flag is another Dyed4you bendie sword and shield called Surrendered to the Love of Christ. It’s comprised of Fear Abolished by Love and the sword is Surrender. My understanding of the purpose of combining its use with Justice Assured is that as we trust His love for us and allow that love to abolish any fear, we surrender our lives and the outcomes (justice and injustices) to Him – yielding to His righteous judgment.

I share a little about this journey at the beginning of this video:

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