Dream about the Meramec River

July 2007

My dream from last night is getting vaguer by the moment.

I was invited to a large gathering in a large house right on the Meramec. It had three large rooms that opened onto a deck and the rooms had big open archways so you could see from one right into the next. The first room was simply where you were greeted and then you moved into the second area where you were fed and served drinks. The third room which was joined with a deck area that was over the river (like at the Mini Ha Ha park except with steps on one side going down to a lower dock right on the water) had continued activity that looked like a celebration, but at closer investigation it turned out they were taking people into the room and killing them – like a sacrifice before the river. All the people who’d been invited to come to the event were intended victims of this sacrifice.

I began to see what was going on before my turn to be killed. There were several – a small group of 5-7 who were against what was happening and were trying to make a difference, but to no avail. They were split up and the killing continued.

I watched two young girls on the deck who were running for their lives – just children – they made it to the river even, but were killed. I was helpless to stop it but felt acute pain at their death.

The whole while the mood of the gathering was excitement mixed with a tinge of fear of the few that had figured out what was going on. Most people still thought it was a party and were cluelessly partying not realizing their imminent demise. They continued laughing and gorging themselves and getting drunk.

As I stepped into the third room on the backside of the wall that separated it from the second room was a large art piece on the wall. Thin flexible sticks and other natural objects woven into a wave-like pattern almost to represent the river with a dead child woven into it almost looking like they were sleeping.

Every once and a while you’d hear the splash of someone hitting the water trying to escape and then they’d be captured and killed. Still I knew I must escape and the river was the only route. It was nearly my turn to be sacrificed.

I quietly made my way down the stairs to the edge of the deck being careful to go all the way to the bottom, not diving off as the others had done and had been captured. I quietly dipped into the river and began doing the backstroke downstream so I could see when they saw me. I made it about 100 yards before the saw and came rushing down to chase me. That’s when I woke up.

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